About Me


With over 6 years in media, Julian worked initially in game cinematics, latterly as cinematic artist at metricminds, working on AAA games like Evolve(2k) and Dying Light(Techland). Inspired by the power to control the feelings and the mood of the audience Julian left the game industry to pursue a career behind the camera, re-training as director of photography.

He then completed his appreticeship in media design, after that studying Motion Pictures part time at the h_da , and started shooting and lighting many shorts and commercials. He worked on projects for clients like Opel, Microsoft, Zeiss and Merck to name a few. In 2016 he shot his first feature film “First World Problems”. Julian has since embraced a broad spectrum of work, from series to feature, commercial and more.

Julian also shoots as well as lights amongst numerous commercials, films and series. Cinematography work has included “Reise zum Himmel” which was officially selected one of the top 99 films out of over 3000 submissions.

Julian holds both German and Canadian passports.